I am dedicated to using art and creativity to heal the heart, mind, and soul,  and as such, my art is intimately connected with my personal experiences of healing, growth, and love.  I work from from within by tapping into a well of private memories and examining both shadow and light.  Heartache and love, form and formless, detailed and obscure, there is a beauty in the paradox.  We are all spiritual beings navigating across time and space, and my work seeks to embody both transient human emotion and eternal existence.  Laden with allusions of birth and death, time, and mystery I aim to document the unfettered union of mind, body, and spirit.

My work has been exhibited with Mujeres de Maiz, Blue Milagro, Self Help Graphics and Art, The Los Angeles County Psychological Association, The Boathouse Gallery at Plaza de la Raza, and many local pop-up shows in Los Angeles Area.  I am a registered Art Therapist, holding community art workshops, and working with at-risk youth, and drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers in the greater Los Angeles Area.