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DIY Instant Comfort Boxes: Elevate Joy and Hope

Celebrate the Spring by creating your very own instant comfort box!

This matchbox art is meant to encourage, console, and lift your mood. We will create a tiny pocket sized container to remind you what grows joy and hope in your life. The session will begin with a guided meditation to help identify blocks and end with a ritual to release what lo longer serves us. The seeds we plant this spring will be the intangible seeds within your heart that bring you joy and hope.

NO art experience necessary. We will have all the supplies available, and participants are encouraged to bring their own to personalize or to share.

We all agree to hold space and inspiration for each other so that we feel comfortable sharing as we go. Our intention is to help everyone get in touch with their deep heart for growth, respite, self-care, and creating a life we love. We are already holding the intention for a wonderful group experience.

Space is limited.

Please register by emailing INSTANT COMFORT BOXES to

Single workshop $40