When providing Art Therapy, I find art is a valued tool in helping clients access, process, and express the full range of their human experience.  My art is intimately connected with my personal healing, growth, and love. When painting, I work from within, tapping into a well of private memories and examining both the shadow and the light there.  Much in the same way, I guide client’s in exploring inward and finding new meaning and expression for the heartache and love, joy and sorrow, and pain and inspiration that dwells in their memories, thoughts, and emotions; giving form to the intangibles that may be functioning in their lives just beneath the surface.  I believe that creativity facilitates soul searching that brings to light unconscious material, giving voice to our deep hearts and allowing expression of that which we have no words for.  Art has been an important part of my personal healing and I imagine that we can all find the beauty in our stories and our wounds.  Making art engages our whole humanity, using our bodies, emotions, minds and spirit to create a palpable expression of our inner world.

My work has been exhibited with Fine Art Solutions, Mujeres de Maiz, Blue Milagro, Self Help Graphics and Art, The Los Angeles County Psychological Association, Plaza de la Raza, The Armory Center for the Arts, Zona Rosa Caffe, Primera Taza Cafe, Community Kitchen Pasadena, and local pop-up shows in the greater Los Angeles area. 

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